About us

Escaper is the manufacturer of sporting goods apparel and equipment

Escaper sportswear LLC

We manufacture our products and sell to thousands of athletes, sports teams in schools, colleges and universities, corporate clients and communities in USA and Europe.

We highly value and respect each team’s identity and highlight it with our custom designs.

Our Mission

We craft sports uniforms keeping in mind the comfort and the character of each team member.

To deliver our mission, we are hiring creative, talented designers who are passionate about sports and success. The creative process is always different and starts with the initial consultation about the team’s needs.

Our Vision

The world is always on the move, the sport is always developing. We are on the move and developing as well, delivering highest quality materials, design and labor. From a sketch to final piece, we provide well thought-out comfort at an affordable price.

Escaper Facts

Founded: 2012

Owner and Founder: Elijah Guzhin

Locations: Our production facility is located in Western Europe, our USA office and warehouse is in Orlando,FL.

Corporate Staff: Approximately 300

Our Products: Custom basketball, volleyball, hockey, soccer and cheer uniforms for youth and adults, men and women. We offer a wide range of products with different price points and designs. You can find a suitable.

Sewing workshop and laser cutting department
Embroidery department
Department of sublimation and other printing
Knitting department

Our History

It all starts in our childhood. Our hobbies and interests become something bigger – a successful and profitable venture that makes you happy and fulfilled every day.

My name is Elijah Guzhin and I am the founder and the owner of Escaper Sportswear. As a kid, I was the biggest hockey fan and spent hours on end practicing on ice. This love for sports, the urge to win is still a big part of my life till date. Sport is a great example of hard work paying off with a great success. I learned very quickly that I have to do my best and give my 110% to be able to achieve my dreams. I never stop and continue growing myself and my business.

About 10 years ago, I started manufacturing clothes in Western Europe.

It was just an idea of designing and making men’s shirts with funky designer prints. The big deal for me was to have a wide variety of sizes and cater to guys of any height and size. I believe that everyone should have a great looking shirt! With my technical background, I paid close attention to details – type of fabric, the design, even the size of the stich can make it or break it.

I have developed a magical formula for everything I did and called it QPC (Quality fabric + Perfect fit + Creative design). Within 6 months my business grew into a full size factory with new equipment and professionals in all the fields.

Soon my love for sports gave me an idea of making nice and comfortable clothes purely for sportsmen. It was a whole new wave for us and the start of Escaper so many know and love today. We used out tiny sublimation printer to release our first basketball mini-collection. By using QPC formula we hit the Jackpot!

We didn’t make anyone pick and choose the size from the existing collection, we CREATED the uniform they actually NEEDED! Plus everyone was a fan of our creative designs that were never repeated. Soon we had too many orders to handle. I dove in this new world of sports uniforms and studies the equipment and techniques that could help us streamline the production without cutting on the quality. Let me tell you, the process of updating and upgrading is a constant flow. We are always investing in new technology and machines to help us stay ahead of the game.

Today if you look at our 100 000 square feet production facility, you can barely imagine a small factory cranking 50 uniforms a day. Now we are producing uniforms for 90 teams every day. That is about 2900 units! We are talking about individual designs capturing the unique style and spirit of each team. Hundreds of clients receive our uniforms every day and share their success stories in social media and with us. We are very proud of their accomplishments!

However, creating design and automation are not the only keys to success. People are the most important part of our company. Just like in any sport, your team is your core, your backbone. Here at escaper each player of the team is ready to work hard to achieve the most ambitious goals and win together! I am proud of where we are right now and understand where we need to go. We are striving to hit our vision and we work hard every day to be able to offer the best quality of service to YOU, our clients.

Elijah Guzhin

Our Team

We have nearly 300 professionals in our team.

Owner and Founder. Head of USA department
Head of eastern department
Head of USA Sales Department
Head of Europe Sales Department
Head of the design department
Head of sewing production
Head of Printing Production
Head of the Finance Department


  • You are getting a well thought-out quality product.
  • Unique design crafted specifically for your team with your needs and requirements in mind.
  • No need to struggle with the sizes. We will make the uniform based on your individual size.
  • Choose the fabric you want. On our web-site we are describing the benefits of all the fabrics available. Pick what’s work best for you.
  • We are the manufacturer. That helps you save money and receive great prices and gifts from us.
  • Fast and urgent production and delivery options available.
  • We are always open to talking and getting a feedback. We love communication with Coaches as they know the team’s needs like no other.

Enjoy the game! Win and celebrate! You are inspiring us to raise the bar and deliver even better results each and every time. Go Team!