Design your uniforms exactly how you want!

Our design team is complementary, and is included with every fully-custom order.

We love our job! All designs are developed for FREE! Moreover, we try not to repeat the designs! Each new project is unique for us, so you will not find the section "Standard designs" on our website - it's boring!

Where do we start?

Please describe, preferably in sufficient detail, what kind of design you would like to get. Describe the color, lettering, and numbers on your uniform. Describe the intended design: namely the background, stripes or something similar, other design elements if necessary. You can attach photos, drawings, sketches and other materials to the description so that the designer can better understand you.

Please note

All numbers, names, and other inscriptions and logos that you want to add to the uniform are already included in the price! The price does not depend on it! The number of these elements is unlimited.

How long does it take?

We will send you a fist design option within 1-2 business days. Please keep in mind, that uniform design is a creative work and any creative person (designer) can work on the layout faster or longer depending on different aspects (even on the mood). Therefore, the more details you can provide (mood board, pictures, sketches, etc.) the better. Designer will be able to clearly understand the desired concept and come up with the design much faster.

Please share your logos in the following format

*.AI *.CDR *.ESP *.PDF *.SVG

If you do not have your logo in any of these formats, we can help for, but it may increase the cost.

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